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The Winter Mystery Pack will contain a variety of Cross Stitch related goodies - fabric, floss, patterns, grime guards, etc - it's a surprise. Each $100+ pack will also include at least 1 each special Live and Dye LA Dyed fabric and floss that will be made especially for the box, and each $200+ pack will include at least 2 of each.

We're aiming to make our Mystery Packs extra special, so this pack will include some new items designed especially for this box with some other small businesses.

You have the option of a $100+ or $200+ box, with slight variations in pricing based on your fabric choice. Each box will contain goods of 10-15% over that value.

The packaging on our Mystery Packs is very simple, by vote of our customers. We don't give a lot of paper, confetti, or a big box as it's just more trash the planet doesn't need. Plus, the less we spend on packaging the more we spend on the goodies you get to keep! The items in your pack will be amazing, but the pack itself will be a simple themed vinyl poly bag.

This is a Pre-Ordered item that is due to ship in late February.