Crafty Merit Badges Set #1 - Enamel Needle Minder/Magnets

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Crafty Merit Badges Set #1

Merit Badge: an insignia or device to indicate special achievement.

Celebrate your crafty achievements with this new and exclusive line of enamel needle minders from Live and Dye LA. The first of an expected series (we have many ideas!), these three minders celebrate some of the greatest achievements in Cross Stitching and Embroidery:

1) Thread Chicken Winner - We've all been there. Just a few more stitches left, but you're running out of thread. The achievement you feel when you manage to finish the stitches with that minimal amount of thread is something that has to be celebrated!

2) No Blood on the Fabric - When you use a needle the inevitable is bound to happen sooner or later, and you prick your finger. Your first concern is of course whether or not you got blood on the project you're working on. So this merit badge celebrates that glorious feeling you get when you realize there's been no damage to the project.

3) Didn't Frog Today - One of the worst feelings in crafting is to spend a lot of precious time and get a bunch of work into a project only to realize you made a mistake which means you have to undo all that lovely work you've just done, darn frog! So of course that requires a celebration of those precious days when not a single mistake is made and the frog has been kept caged for the day.
Buy a set of all three for a discount and you'll also receive a 2" vinyl sticker of the design to adorn your water bottle!

These needle minders are made of enamel, come with two strong Neodymium magnets (one attached, one loose for attaching to your fabric), and are about 1.5" in diameter. Choose 1 or get a set of 3 (one of each design) for a discounted price.

These merit badge designs are Live and Dye LA Exclusives based on ideas by Valerie Parker, designed by Alex on Fiverr for commercial use.