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 Christmas Mystery Pack

The Christmas Mystery Pack will contain a variety of Cross Stitch-related goodies - fabric, floss, patterns, grime guards, etc - it's a surprise. Each pack will also include at least 1 each specially dyed Live and Dye LA fabric and floss that will be made especially for the box. You'll have two options - $100+ or $150+ packs, with some extra special goodies going into the $150+ pack.

Just to be clear, The Christmas Mystery Pack will be what you could call a more "secular" array of goodies, not at all religious so as to include a wider swath of those who celebrate or just like the time of year.

This is a Pre-Ordered item that is due to ship in late November or very early December.

The packaging on our Mystery Packs is very simple, by vote of our customers. We don't give a lot of paper, confetti, or a big box as it's just more trash the planet doesn't need. Plus, the less we spend on packaging the more we spend on the goodies you get to keep! The items in your pack will be amazing, but the pack itself will be a simple themed vinyl poly bag.

Please note: Though you're welcome to add other items to this order, we don't recommend it because this pack is a pre-order being placed over 2 months in advance. Your best bet is to order only the Christmas Mystery Pack, and if at the time of shipment you have any other open orders we will of course refund any additional shipping charges if we can combine orders.