13 Days of Halloween - Countdown Mystery Pack - PRE-ORDER (Payment 1 of 2)

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13 Days of Halloween Countdown Mystery Pack - Payment 1 of 2

It's back! You all loved our Halloween Countdown Pack so much last year, that we're bringing it back. And this time we're making the purchase easier for you by offering a 2-part payment plan (more details below).

Like our previous mystery packs this will contain a variety of Cross Stitch and Halloween related goodies - fabric, floss, patterns, grime guards, etc - it's a surprise. Each box will also include at least 2 special Live and Dye LA Dyed fabric and flosses that will be made especially for this pack.

The box will be a countdown of 13 Halloween items individually wrapped and numbered to count you down from October 19-31. 

Shipping: We will ship worldwide. The cost of shipping will be added to the second payment cost and while this is currently TBD, you can expect somewhere between $15-20 domestic US, and $30+ internationally.

This is a Pre-Ordered item that is due to ship in late September or very early October. This is NON-REFUNDABLE payment 1 of 2. Your second payment + shipping will be due in the first two weeks of September, at which time we will mark this first purchase as "fulfilled" and we will send a private link to you via the email on this purchase so that you may complete payment. If you do not make the second + shipping payment, this non-refundable deposit is just that - non-refundable, and will be forfeited by you. (If you need more time to pay in September, please contact us and we will accommodate as we are able).

Please note: Though you're welcome to add other items to this order, we don't recommend it because this pack is a pre-order being placed months in advance. Your best bet is to order only the Halloween Countdown Mystery Pack, and if at the time of shipment you have any other open orders we will of course refund any additional shipping charges if we can combine orders.

We will accept orders through mid-July.